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1.Product name: Precision CNC Milling Parts Components
2.Material: aluminum, steel, brass ,plastic, carbon steel, nylon, PP
3.Dimensions: according to customer’s drawing
4.Surface treatment: Heat treatment, polishing, PVD/CVD coating, galvanized, electroplating, spraying, and painting etc.
5.Packing: PE bag, carton, wooden box
6.Processing equipments: cnc machining center, cnc lathe, grinding machine, automatic lathe machine, conventional lathe machine, milling machine, drilling machine, EDM, wire-cutting machine, CNC bending machine etc.
7.Service project: To provide production design, production and technical service, mould development and processing, etc.
8.Testing machine: Digital Height Gauge, caliper, Coordinate measuring machine, projection machine, roughness tester, hardness tester and so on.
9.Minimum order quantity: 1000pcs
10.Delivery: 7-30 days
11.Business scope: CNC center machining, drilling, turning, grinding, tapping, mould design and processing, casting, sheet mental working etc.
12.Application: Automation machine, medical device, industrial machine, automobile, electric appliance, and other industries.
13.Machining scope: Building and lifting industry, Engineering and engineering design industry,Aerospace industry,Machinery and tools industry, Electronic instrumentation equipment industry, automotive industry
Quality Assurance:
IPQC inspect each during every step; 100% inspection before shipment by micrometer, height gauge, projector measuring machine, coordinate measuring machine(CMM), ect.Any disqualification will be responsible by us:
Firstly, check the raw material before massive production;
During production, technicians self-check and Engineer spot check to assure the good quality.
QC inspect after products finished
Before package, we will choose the best way to avoid damages during transportation.
Salesmen who were trained the technical know-how spot check before shipping
Machining ProcessesMilling Drilling, Boring, Threading, Tapping, Thread Milling, Internal Forming, Gear Hobbing, Broaching, Counterboring, Countersinking, Pocketing, Profiling, Reaming, Spline, Parting/Cutting, Facing
MaterialAlloy Steels, Aluminum, Brass, Bronze Alloys, Carbon Steel, Iron, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Nylon,  PEEK etc.
Surface treatmentAnodizing, Heat treatment, polishing, PVD/CVD Coating, Galvanized, Electroplating, Spraying, Painting, Impregnation and so on
EquipmentsCNC machining center, Turning machine, Grinding machine, Milling machine, Drilling machine, Horizontal milling machine, Chamfering machine, Wire cutting machine, Internal and External grinding machine etc.
Machinery Axis3
Inspection EquipmentsCMM 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine,  2.5D Manual Image Measuring Machine, Salt Spray Test Machine, CCD Optical Detector Detection,   Arm CMM, Hardness Tester, Height Tester, Micrometer, Digital Calliper,  Go-No Go Measure Gauge, Ring Gauge, Plug Gauge etc.
QualityISO 9001:2008, FA Inspection, PPAP, CPK Data etc.
ProductsCNC Milling brands
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