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Feeding Means
* Single or double auger feed :powder products.
* Leather material: grain or granular mixtures.
* Gravity feed : better mobility of particulate materials (1600 packages per hour).
* Metering: suitable for soil and sediment and other soft or unstable material moisture content greater weight.
 Model CV-4025CV-4080CV-4125CV-4150
 Bag weight ranges 1-30kg1-50kg1-50kg1-30kg
 Minimum size 200*200mm200*200mm200*200mm300*120*80mm
 Maximum size 680*450mm970*570mm1170*650mm800*400*400mm
 Maximum film width900mm1180mm1450mm1650mm
 Maximum volume 30l80l120l750l
 Maximum capacity 35sac/min32sac/min30sac/min4-6balas/min
 Film thickness range40-250um
 Maximum roll diameter80mm
 Air consumption800l/min(6-8bar)
 Bag type Pillow-type;M-type;Handheld punching   
* Waterproof performance:external environment isolation materials and the supermarket,  can achieve air storage products and reduce product loss.
* Hydraulic system: a 800 liters of material, compaction as much as 6:1, suitable for wood shavings, compost, peat, insulation materials and hay.
* Corrosion resistance: using stainless steel manufacturers (316 and 304) and combined with special electrical protection for corrosive environments, particularly suitable for salt, fertilizer, ice and soda, and so on.
* Weight: Configuring electronic weighing or volumetric metering, 100L packaging specifications capacity up to 18 packages per minute., size small pack sizes up to 25 packages per minute.
* Printing: this process in surface roughness and prevent stacking bags down and in the process improve stacking stability.
* Porous: depending on the particle size make micro-holes in local bags and can prevent leaking material.
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