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AC&DC 300W Solar home system
Solar home system is portable system, can AC output and DC output, inbuilt big capacity battery, it can lighting up and working for the phone, La-top, and other 300W power electronic when you are outdoor for emergency. It’s camping, home using and outdoor good advice.

Product Name300W Intelligent Solar home SystemItem No.MT-CN300W

DC input Voltage DC12V(9-12.6V)
AC Output VoltageAC110V±10%
Continue output Power300W
Overload Protection>300W
Peak output Power600W
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
Output Frequency60Hz±1Hz
Effective output power≥85%
No-load currency0.4A±0.1A
Low pressure protection8.5±0.5V
Automatic restoration after low pressure shutdown11±0.5V
High pressure Protection13±0.5V
Automatic restoration after high pressure shutdown12.5±0.5V
Over heating protection>65℃
Cooling fan2 Fans
Short Circuit protectionYes
USB1 Output voltage 5V/1A+2.1A
USB2 Output voltage5V/2.4A+2.4A/QC3.0
DC output 124V/3A+car charger 12V/8A
DC output 212V 3port output(4A+4A+4A)
LED lighting 2*1W LED light

AC  out put power DC12.7±0.1V/5A
PV input voltage5A/MPPT(14-24V)

Display function indication PV input, Battery voltage, Battery capacity, fan, DC1,DC2,USB,AC malfunction, AC output voltage, AC output frequency,Electric Input.

Battery Capacity 12V/26AH
Product size 188*147*137mmwholesale Solar Home System
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