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Not that long ago, a really good friend of mine purchased a new bicycle. My friend decided that he wanted to ride his bicycle at night. He needed to purchase a light that he could use that would be long-lasting and I would not use a lot of battery power. He ultimately chose to purchase and use an LED-based bicycle light. When he told me about this, it prompted me to wonder how LED-based lights actually work.

I discovered that the term LED actually stands for "light emitting diode." These are basically little miniature light bulbs. The difference between these LED-based bulbs and regular light bulbs is the fact that the LED bulbs do not actually have a filament that burns out over time. This means that your LED-based light will last as long as the traditional transistor -- this can be many years.

Some of the incredible uses for LED-based light include billboards, certain types of television screens, and of course, LED-based bicycle lights. You may wonder why my friend chose to purchase an LED-based bicycle light when it would seem based on the description I just provided that the amount of light emitted would not really be that much. Let me share the secret with you.

His lighting system consists of a multitude of LED-based light. In other words, it is not just a single LED light which he is using. You can push a button and the lights will flash. If he pushes the button again the lights will simply remain on. I'm extremely impressed with how the system operates.

If I ever decide to purchase a bicycle, I will also probably purchase a set of LED-based lights. Now I know how they operate, and so do you. Just remember -- these are lights that will last a very long time and will never burn out.

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